Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Fat Controller and Lies

Tim Wilkinson has a fascinating post about someone closely resembling the Fat Controller and lies here: David Aaronovitch: Expert on lies.

Apparently someone closely resembling the Fat Controller wrote this, We weren't lied to, about Iraq and WMD.

It doesn't make you wonder about the Fat Controller's grip on reality, doesn't it?

Perceptively, Tim Wilkinson realised that the article that contents we weren't lied to is bollocks.

You're halway there, Tim.

That article is Voodoo Bollocks!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Extremely Thin Controller visits the Boss

Unusually, the Extremely Thin Controller has had a day trip out of the Institution.

Lo and behold, the ETC went off to visit his intellectual boss, one Anthony Charles Linton Blair. See A Lesson from The Boss.

When I read what the ETC has to say I squirm. The Extremely Thin Contoller gives sycophancy such a bad name!

However, not only has the ETC been out and about. He also made it last night on to the radio.

On the Stephen Nolan shown on BBC Radio Five Live, the Extremely Thin Controller opines,
"We should be proud of having tried to do a noble thing in Iraq.".

"A noble thing in Iraq".

You really meant that didn't you, ETC?

If you spout nonsense like that how are you going to ever get your release from the Institution?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Fat Controller has been on television

On Monday 23rd May 2011 the Fat Controller was on television to peddle some Voodoo Bollocks.

He made a brief, if undistinguished, appearance on BBC2's "The Daily Politics".

As is the Fat Controller's habit he failed to engage with the evidence. On this occasion the evidence relating to the suspicious death of Dr. David Kelly.

Perfectly understandable that evasion. After all when you don't have a clue what you're talking about, it must be pretty scary to contemplate the "E word".

Fascinatingly, the Extremely Thin Controller, mistook the Fat Controller for a "sensible person". Not an easy mistake to make, in my opinion.

See Plunged Into Chaos Last Night As.

Watch this space for further commentary on the antics of the Fat Controller and his quasi-anorectic sidekick.

Surely it won't be long before one or both of them provides further free entertainment.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Who is the Fat Controller?

Readers of this embryonic blog may be wondering who the individual I designate as the Fat Controller may be.

I'm afraid that for the time being the identity of the Fat Controller must remain a closely guarded secret.

Suffice to say, for the moment, that the Fat Controller seeks to mould our thoughts.

Does the Fat Controller conspire with others to do so?

He would love you to believe that he doesn't ... the slippery Voodoo Bollocks eel that he is.

For the sake of clarity, I state straightforwardly that the Fat Controller about whom I write does not appear in the image below.